What theyre saying about the new Yemen Times [Archives:2002/11/Reportage]

March 11 2002

Last Week, the Yemen Times moved into its 11th year. The first issue came out on February 27th, 1991, and it has since become an important factor in the transformation process of Yemen.
During the anniversary celebration last Monday, at the Taj Sheba Hotel, guests expressed their admiration for the status reached at the Times. Following are some of their comments.
Being read in England
The British Ambassador, Francis Guy highly appreciated the newspaper and noted In terms of the international affairs, we have seen that the Times has been improving. It is the eye on Yemen that many of diplomats look at. As we have watched the video tape, it goes to 46 countries in the world and I know that many of my colleagues in London read YT online.
Like father, like son
T.V Announcer and the General Programs Manager at the Yemeni Space Channel, Ahmed al-Dhahbani said I’m a contemporary of the late Dr. Abdulaziz al-Saqqaf. The most striking thing about him is that he could establish an English newspaper in a time in which Yemen is in dire need to be seen positively by foreigners.
With his great determination, he introduced state-of-the-art technological changes.
After Abdulaziz al-Saqqaf had passed away, a sense of ambiguity encompassed us. We were worried about the fate of the newspaper But things were completely changed again.
The new editor-in-chief, Waleed Abdulaziz al-Saqqaf followed his father’s example and could create a distinguished English newspaper in Yemen.
al-Dhahbani concluded that Yemen Times is a newspaper to be proud of.
I get 15 copies and send them to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington where the Yemeni expatriates reside there, he said.
Popular in Egypt
Dr. Khaled M. El-Komy, the Ambassador of Egyptian to Yemen said the late Dr. Abdulaziz al-Saqqaf was loved and respected by everybody in the Arab world and particularly in Egypt.
The newspaper started with this great man and this great man started with this newspaper. I regularly read YT and I think the newspaper has been progressing by leaps and bounds particularly among the English newspapers in the Arab World, he said.
Wishing the best
Abulaziz Thabit, a well-known businessman said I regularly read the Times and I wish more success and prosperity to the YT at both levels, local and international.
Paper helps tourism
The advertising manager at Yemeni Airlines, Mohammed Jobari said YT is the first English-speaking newspaper in Yemen and has a leading role in the field of tourist sector.
The newspaper has reached the four corners of the Yemen and this can be clearly seen since the first winner of the grand million competition is from Hajjah, he said.
Likes tourism coverage
The vice general manager of Universal for Travel and Tourism, Mahmood al-Shaibani commented, There is one thing I’d like to mention here. There are a lot of advertisements which in turn disturbs the layout of the newspaper. As a matter of fact, the accumulated advertisements in the newspaper is a clear testimony of success and prosperity of the newspaper. but we hope that there will also be plenty of room for extensive reports, he said.
He proposed that there should be a fixed page for the tourist sector which in turn will promote and enrich the tourist sector in Yemen.
A large number of readers read YT on the internet and as an English newspaper, you have to attract many tourists through such a page in your paper.
Economic coverage valued
As an economist, the economic counselor at the Ethiopian Embassy, Marcus Getta, appreciated the newspaper and suggested that the economic page should be expanded a bit wider, to deal with regional economic issues as will as international.
Likes world focus
Saleem Salai, the General Manager of Hertz said YT has covered the whole news. As an expatriate. We like the paper very much.
In the latest issue, the Times has covered international news better, and this is very much welcomed by the expatriate community. This is good for those who are visiting Yemen, Saleem said.
The Ambassador of the Sultanate of Omani said that the Times is one of the most outstanding papers in the country, as it deals with all events, and enjoys a good relations with embassies and organizations.
Indeed, the Yemen Times has been able, within a short span of time, to achieve remarkable progress.
It is now reporting different events from all over the world which is a step forward for the paper, he said.