What to do to regain lost readers [Archives:2003/692/Letters to the Editor]

December 8 2003

Ahmed Almalmi
[email protected]

I'd like to pay your attention to some kind of articles that you are short of in your paper. Actually, I'm an undergraduate student that was so interested in your paper two years ago but the reason I stopped reading it was because I can't find the kind of articles I need and like. I think it's the same reason why students lost their interest in your paper, too.
To be honest if there was a really good section for articles related to technology, health and what's new in the world's industry, your paper would be so informative that a lot of students and who are fascinated in such articles would find your paper useful and Yemen will be so proud to have such a newspaper.
As a matter of fact, I like to write for you the kind of articles I just mentioned.
If you are attracted by the idea, please let me know.

Dear Ahmed,
Thank you for your comments. I will surely welcome your contributions to the paper. Please do send them and we'll be happy to publish them once they meet our criteria.