What you should’ve addressed [Archives:2003/675/Letters to the Editor]

October 9 2003

Aaron G
[email protected]

Not like I see American Press doing any differently, but I believe your article could have addressed more specifically, the problems associated with the American invasion into Iraq and the ongoing problems that Iraqi's have with the American occupation.
I do believe on one hand, you have addressed the frustration of the Iraqi people. This merely addresses the idea of what ALL humans experience when doing their best is not good enough. Iraqi's are clearly experiencing far worse than that.
I would have liked to have seen American forces seal off the boarders to Iraq to prevent people from coming in or going out. This was a critical error and extremely poor planning on the part of American forces. It jeopardized the safety and well being of all officials, including the Muslim woman who ran the utilities for Iraq. I believe she was executed at her home, before she could leave for work. This brings another critical error to light. The protection and safety of the very citizens who had much to fear from those un-captured leaders who were a threat to the Iraqi people.
Because of the sabotage against utilities, and sniper activity in or around the places that are in dire need of repair to get those utilities up and running, it has made the repair of these necessities next to impossible.
I would like to see a concerted effort of all Iraqi citizens to assist in the implementation of these repairs, but it is just as dangerous for them as it is for American Forces.
I hope the Iraqi citizens manage to see an end to their dilemma and very soon, but frankly, I see it as ongoing as the American Forces are constantly under attack and this is including the homicide bombings. It is a situation now that actually has escalated non trust between all parties concerned: those who need the help and those who have been prevented in bringing it to them.