When alone [Archives:2007/1089/Community]

September 27 2007

By: Mohammed Saleh Ali Almoqri
[email protected]

When I am being alone

Thoughts break mind rest

As daily frequent guest

That never once welcome

Whenever try to come

Like the incessant tone

Came when alone

The world opens it's doors

though evil stops fire wars

blossoms seeds much grow

a performed wind has blow

as you the figure of your own

tour when alone

When alone

I forget every issue, heart pant

Sing, rant, shout, and chant

All these I can't say I can't

As a result of what you plant

When alone

I fly soooo far

And across every bar

By no horse or even car

And stay there as shining star

When alone

You visit my soul

As queen soooo cool

Where no limit no rule

Then I feel I gain my goal

That never expect at all

When alone

I draw you more than once

By all means and colors

Every moment came and runs

All around me are about to dance

Just when alone

Fair dreams fall, and never gone

A chance is in life only one

But my opportunities are great fun

dose our meeting seems somehow dun

that is when alone

when beams of sun soon

enlighten the way to the moon

our suitable place, my own

alone is realy alone

but with you I'm not alone