When brothers hate each other [Archives:2004/772/Letters to the Editor]

September 13 2004

Harold Reimann
[email protected]

The world doesn't know it but Big Brother Satan does. We are Manasseh and along with our brother Ephraim we received the birthright and blessing from Almighty God. That's why they hate us. So it's nice when a few like us. First, thank you Ephraim (Great Britain) and your sons in Australia and New Zealand. South Africa would have been with us but we stupidly gave it to the blacks. Canada? Many Canadians must be ashamed of their government.
So where's the British Commonwealth? Where's India in this? Didn't we give you enough grain when you desperately needed it? Didn't we save you from the Japanese? Only Singapore from the Commonwealth is with us.
Where are our other Israelite brothers? What happened to the firstborn, Reuben (France)? Didn't we save your necks twice? Didn't you help us in the beginning? What about Issachar (Finland)? The only nation to pay back its WWI debt to us. WHERE ARE THE IRISH (Dan)? Where's Sweden (Napthali), Belgium (Asher) and Switzerland (Gad)? Thank you Norway and Denmark, sons of Benjamin. And why shouldn't you be close. We had the same mother, Rachel. Simeon and Levi, sons of Jacob and Leah, support us through Britain. Thank you Zebulon (Holland) for your help.
Thank you former communist countries who know where they got their freedom. Thank you Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Albania, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan. May God look favorably down upon you for this.
We saved Europe twice but where's Old Europe? Where's Spain? Where's Germany? Where's Russia? Thank you Italy and Portugal. I now feel the army did the right thing when they sent me to Italy instead of my request, Germany.
Thank you in Asia – Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Mongolia and Tonga. We know where you stand, China. If I had my way you wouldn't be selling anything here.
As far as you bastards from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America are concerned – you who are not with us are against us! Thank you El Salvador, the only one of these groups of nations who is with us. Thank you Israel! Even though you aren't in the coalition, you are most to be thanked.
Now I know we Israelites are very disobedient to God, and will be punished, but I can't help but think there is a warm spot in His heart for you who are with us.