When Muslim men give bad reputation [Archives:2003/674/Letters to the Editor]

October 6 2003

Nina A
[email protected]

I really feel sorry for the writer of “A sad story from the USA” and for many women who fall into the same trap of some Yemeni men and also so called Muslim men who are away from home to study abroad. It aches my heart always to see and hear or read about abandoned women and children by so called Muslim fathers who seem to care less about the consequences of their actions. These poor women are left to struggle with raising children whose fathers are living on this earth, well educated and financially well off.
I am sorry to say that the blame is not on these type of men only, its also on the women who trust and take these type of men as husbands because obviously these so called Muslim men are only Muslims when they live in a Muslim country and the first chance they get in a non-Muslim country, they try to live a life that is not their own (e.g., clubbing and living with a girlfriend and so on and forth)and is Islamic-wise incorrect. Obviously, we can not expect such men who abandon their religion to not also abandon a wife and children. It takes a real man and not to forget a religious man who fears Allah always and takes his religion seriously, to do justice on those who trusted them with their life and not to forget the lives of those who they were the reason for their existence with Allah's will on this earth.
May Allah forgive us all and forgive and make these Muslim men who are not fearing death and Allah's judgment see reason, and do justice to the lives they have destroyed.