Where are Our Rights? [Archives:1999/18/Law & Diplomacy]

May 3 1999

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We are Yemenis living in Yemen without rights, because no establishment, organization or cooperation can defend them. Both locally and internationally, our claims are many: 
1- The Government of Yemen does not take care of the health of people. There is no medicine in the national hospitals, and there are bed fees, which are too high for many patients. If anyone doesn’t have the money, he is turned away. Many people have faced continued sickness and lack of care, and a few have even died because they could not afford health care. 
2- The Government of Yemen will not be  not providing employment for the future. To prove my point, we can observe the millions of Yemeni students that have been to college, and ask them what the government has done for these students after graduation. 
3- The Government of Yemen takes no responsibility for the hundreds of thousands who are jobless.The government makes no efforts to assist them, as other civilized countries do, including the Scandinavian countries, the USA, and U.K., etc.
4- Most of the members of Yemen’s Government, as well as those in other legislative systems, are traders and investors in large companies. Most are the representatives of several international companies and agencies, which deal with everything from producing needles to rockets. Many of these investments are registered under the names of their relatives or under false names. 
5- The Government of Yemen treats its people like cattle or sheep as it prepares for the election of parliament and prepares for any elections. It is known in advance that the results will maintain the current government. The losers will be left out in the cold, to fend for themselves any way they can. 
The system is in a conflict, and it seems to be heading towards dark ages. The government is eager to get loans from other countries in the name of democracy, but there is no real democracy. They are lying to everyone, both here and abroad.