Where are the ancient great Yemenis? [Archives:2004/769/Letters to the Editor]

September 2 2004

Sulayman ar-Rumani
[email protected]

I am currently touring India was surprised to discover that there are many Yemenis living here in the southern regions. They are especially concentrated in Aurangabad and Hyderabad. What however saddens me, is that they seem to be living and working and know no higher purpose, whereas I have always read about Yemenis leaving their land for the sake of Islam. Where are those great Yemenis of the past?
This experience has also awoken in me a deep desire to research my own Yemeni background. I know that my origin is Yemeni and that our family name is “Rumani” but I would like more details which, due to the passage of time, is unavailable in my own family. I have read that there is the “Rumani” sub-group of the “Sukoon” clan of Kindah tribe but “Rummani” can also mean pomegranate seller. I will really appreciate it if this letter is published and hope that some reader may provide me with further information.