Where are the letters? [Archives:2004/743/Letters to the Editor]

June 3 2004

Donald Zimmerman
I have noticed an obvious omission of “letters to the editor” in the Yemen Times in the last couple weeks. The only “opinions” published are from editors of the paper. What's the problem? Can't stand the real truths from non Yemen, non Muslim, and non Arabic folks? Suppression of non Muslim thought? No freedom of the press? This is why the Middle East is such a violent region – a region torn with deep rooted hatreds (not just against non Muslim folks, but also against each other), with zero tolerance for anything non Muslim. Until the folks in the Middle East learn and practice tolerance (tolerance for personal philosophies non Muslim), the Middle East will remain a region run by despot, violent, repressive tyrants.

Dear Donald,
Sorry for the inconvenience. Sometimes technical reasons cause the impossibility of publishing the letters on time. We promise we will try to avoid that in the future. But as you can see the letters have now resumed.