Where can we flee? [Archives:2003/683/Letters to the Editor]

November 6 2003

Fuad Al-Homeedi
Words fail me whenever I attempt to bear in mind the ongoing terrible, dreary, situations we are in.
The world is full of lies. Rights are mixed up with the wrongs. Love is swallowed up by animosity and reality fails to prevail.
Innocence gets massacred at the foot of opportunism. Honesty becomes a dead stock in the market of disloyalty. Dignity is repulsively and brazenly trampled. Glory, only we read about it in dusty volumes put carelessly on shelves.
Principles are buried in the graveyard of utility. Justice is patronized in the slaughterhouse of boundless interests. Spiritual vacuums seize our souls and peace turns to be the matter we are indeed in short of.
Totalitarianism rises up to finish out the nation’s voice. Cowardice gnawingly holds up our breakable hearts. Subservience to our ill whims draws up our vague future.
It is because of forgetting the exalted God that we have all our miseries. In the truth of the matter, we Arabs and Muslims are overwhelmed. Arab and Muslim nations are being mocked.
Our lives are sold in lottery and our lands are put up for auction. Our blood is the cheapest in the world. It is so cheap that one dollar to be paid is enough for a Palestinian to be killed.
Thus, out of all these tragedies and calamities. Where to flee?