Where will the Arab battle head? (Part 2) [Archives:2007/1016/Opinion]

January 15 2007

Dr. Salah Al-Mukhtar
In the previous article I refuted the misleading idea claiming that what is going on in Iraq is a civil war and I argued that it has always been a national war of liberation. Promoting that black rumor was to divert the attention from the battle of Iraq to that of Lebanon and Palestine where decision in both cannot be achieved. By virtue of this media delusion and the purposeful eruption of the Lebanon on one hand and the American and Iranian decision on the second hand, many people changed their attention to Lebanon and began to legitimately think the resistance in Lebanon is the hope, rather than in Iraq. Despite all our appreciation and support for the Lebanese resistance the objective affirms that decision of the Arab nation's central issue, which is the issue of the conflict with Zionism on Palestine and the war of Iraq that branched from it, will be decided in the arena of the central conflict in Iraq.

In discussing the capabilities of the Lebanese, Palestinian and the Iraqi resistances and the limits of their action and goals we will come out with a proper conclusion indicating that the utmost limit of the goals of Fatah and Hamas in Palestine is a state within the borders of 1967, meaning the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It is therefore a tiny state composing no more than 20 perent of the occupied land of Palestine. The reason is that the balance of powers between the Palestinian people and their resistance on the one hand and the Zionist entity and its supporters on the other, does not allow more than accepting a dwarfed Palestinian state. The ambitions in Lebanon are much less. Hezbollah has officially announced it does not want more than restoration of Shabaa farms. Its secretary general said frankly after the aggression on Lebanon that his party did not mention that it wants to liberate Palestine from the front of Lebanon. So, the objective circumstances dictate on the fronts of Lebanon and Palestine to work for humble goals that do not represent ambitions of the Arabs and their legitimate rights to Palestine, the original goal of Fatah and Hamas which is the liberation of Palestine from the sea to the river. The moderate goals are a dwarfed state and the restoration of the Shabaa farms in Lebanon. What is the change that the regaining of Shabaa Farms and the establishment of a Palestinian State would create?

Taking into consideration the Iraqi resistance we will reach radically different results. The conflict going on in Iraq is between America, the essential power constituting the incubator for Israel and the source of its strength. America is the protecting shield and basic guarantee to change any defeat of Israel before the Arabs, whether partial as the crossing of the Suez Canal in 1973 war or total, as the Arabs want. It is to change all that into Israeli victory by supplying it with all that enables it to change its retreat or defeat. In 1973, Syria liberated the Golan Heights and the Egyptian army crossed the Suez Canal and thus Israel was facing real defeat and it gave its orders for its nuclear power to be ready for use. But the American air bridge saved Israel and enabled it to change the preliminary defeat to a victory by reoccupation of the Golan and surrounding the Egyptian army in Dafriswar. So defeating Israel militarily is not possible with the existence of the origin of Israel's existence, America and the west. All the battles with Israel, however important and dangerous, are battles with the snake tail rather than its head, which lies in Washington. Hence comes the strategic value of the liberation of Iraq. What happens in Iraq is that the head of the Israeli might and its source has fallen into the trap of Iraq and has been led to the verified defeat we can witness now. When America is defeated in Iraq it will in the first place reflect on Israel. This change means that the battles of Lebanon and Palestine are happening in the environment of the fait accompli and according to its laws. As for the battles of Iraq they take place in a hostile environment to the fait accompli and are destroying it to build a new reality aimed at the liberation of Palestine despite America and whoever supports it. These battles pave the road to the inevitable liberation of entire Palestine. By inflicting a defeat on America in Iraq, the resisting Iraq is creating a regional and world reality entirely different from the present one and its essential characteristic is the Arabs renascence and their regaining of all their rights peacefully or by war.

Thinking with mind rather than with the heart permits man to deal with Arab reality according to objective facts not to the influence of the Western-Zionist-Iranian media. The first fact is that the battle of decision, worldly and at the Arab level is presently going on in Iraq rather than in Palestine and Lebanon or Sudan. Upon this fact there entails a very important matter which is the strategic and tactical criteria of wrong and right in the extent of being close or far from the Iraqi resistance. Since this is the fundamental factor deciding the course of strategic development, the strategic necessities dictate the harmony with the Iraqi resistance and cooperating with it by the Lebanese and the Palestinian resistance movements and to recognize it as the mother of all Arab resistances.