Who are you kidding? [Archives:2005/876/Letters to the Editor]

September 12 2005

Jamal Mohamed
[email protected]

Your past few articles on the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Yemen have been misleading. Our relationship with the Saudis has always been sour to say the least. The Saudis have consistently meddled in our internal affairs, trying to divide our people. It is also not a secret that the Saudis have been re-drawing the borders whenever they wish. So lets not lie to ourselves the Saudis have always led a policy of aggression and deception towards the Yemeni people. So who are you kidding Mr. Yasser Al-Mayyasi when you stated in your recent article that “King Abdullah has a high regard for the Yemeni people”. Releasing 1200 hundred detainees who are most likely innocent and have been rotting in Saudi jails without proper treatment is a huge move towards good relations Mr Al-Mayyasi? Mr AL-Mayyasi you really think that the Saudis have good intentions toward the Yemeni people? Yemen has made many concessions to avoid conflict with the kingdom. We owe the kingdom nothing!, in fact its time we cease all diplomatic relations with the kingdom. If the Saudis want to be our friendly neighbour, then concrete steps must be take to solve the border dispute and respect our boundaries, they must stay out of our internal affairs, and end their conspiracy to destabilize our economy. The Saudis must also free all Yemeni detainees, whose only crime was to find a better life for their families. It is time we stand up to the Saudis and demand mutual respect!