Who Did It? [Archives:2001/40/Law & Diplomacy]

October 1 2001

Abu Muhammed Al-Mujahid
The terrorist attack on the THE USA last week revealed two important facts which are apparent to all people around the world, except the American administration, its investigation bureaus and the ordinary citizens of the THE USA, who are programmed not to see beyond what their media shows them or hear more that what their administration announces. The first fact is that the security system, of which the American administration was extremely proud, has been proven to be a false advertisement. The great US was invaded on its own ground. The terrorist operations were not done this time in Africa or Asia, but in Washington and New York. The first is the symbol of political and military pride, while the second represents economic power. Nothing was left for the THE USA to be proud of after its political, military and economic system was hit and humiliated. The second fact, which has become plainly clear, is the hatred which the American administration has towards Arabs and Muslims. As the explosion of Washington and New York was happening, the American media directly accused Arabs and Muslims, as if it is obvious that the source of any terrorism is Arabs and Muslims. The bin Laden group was the main target for such accusations. Then, investigations started to take place by the FBI and the CIA, but only to confirm that bin Laden was the one behind such an operation. So, when the Red Japanese Army Organization claimed responsibility, the administration and the FBI denied that they have heard of such an organization. Strange, isn’t it? Also, when the FBI found one of the black boxes of the jet that crashed in Pennsylvania, they claimed that the box resists any type of crash and an extreme degree of heat. Besides, when the names of the four-hijacked plane’s passengers were checked, the FBI traced only Arab and Muslim names. No other names were checked. In other words, the investigation process was to prove that bin Laden was responsible, which means that FBI was following a principle that “the most suspicious is responsible even if he is innocent.” The American administration, along with the FBI, is a far cry from the principle that “the suspect is innocent until proven guilty,” which is based on scientific procedures that start with hypothesis and collecting data to prove or reject that hypothesis. The FBI only wants to prove the hypothesis (or the fact in their perception) that bin Laden is responsible. The administration and the FBI is doing so for the following reasons:
1. The enraged American citizens wanted a quick answer to what happened and who did it, which puts tremendous pressure on an administration that had and still has no definite answer. To the administration, the people’s anger is a warning and indirectly necessitated choosing a specific person or group as quickly as possible to be presented to the people as the criminals. So, the administration and the FBI decided that bin Laden and his group was the best choice since “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”
2. The operation led to shaking the superhero picture of the US system in the eyes of American citizens as well as its allies all over the world. That also necessitated finding someone as quickly as possible to be accused for the operation, in the hopes of improving this picture.
3. The actual perpetrator was very smart to direct the media from the first moment to accuse Arabs and Muslims. First, to drive the suspicion away from him, especially since the FBI have a psychological disposition to look for a specific person or group only. That again was achieved though the administration and the FBI deceivingly trying to appear rational, not definitely announcing bin Laden as the actual perpetrator, but considering him as the main suspect. Such evasion was done to be safe in case bin Laden was innocent and to take the chance to force American citizens into fierce and aggressive actions against Arabs and Muslims in a moment of anger. Even if the truth was revealed later, the actual person responsible would have set the fire of real, long lasting and difficult-to-remove hatred between Muslim Americans and Non-Muslim Americans. Besides, much retaliation would have already happened against Muslims and Arab Americans that would leave a singe in their hearts against the rest of the American society, who would seek revenge whenever they found a chance. And that was also achieved. Many mosques in the States have been attacked and destroyed completely; many Muslims Americans have also been attacked and even killed; many Muslim women were also attacked and insulted. Yet the administration and the media are saying nothing because such actions are against Muslims and Arabs. Is this not terrorism???!!! The real loser is America and the winner is the actual perpetrator. So who is he? Why did he do what he did?
The following answer to the above questions is true to a very high degree of precision because it is based on a rational and real analysis of the events. It is far more precise than the degree of confidence in the FBI who are pre-programmed and who based their investigation on the proverb that “it’s a goat even if it flies,” which can be manipulated as “bin Laden even if he is innocent.” The answer to the above questions emerge from the answer to the question, “Who is the first enemy of Arabs and Muslims in this age?” There is only one answer – Jews represented by Ariel Sharon, the Zionists and the MOSAD. Their ultimate aim is to defeat Arabs and Muslims wherever they are, by any means and at any the price, even if it is the entire population of the US. They believe that the American people and the American administration – say the whole of America – is merely a servant to a master according to the prophecies of the Old Testament and the teaching of the Talmud. It is then inevitable that they played a principle role in the events of Washington and New York last week; this is if they are not the actual people responsible. But indeed they are actually responsible based upon the following facts:
a. The Zionists control about 90% of the American media and newspapers. Therefore, it is easy for them to direct the accusation to any person or groups they want punish. American people, as mentioned earlier, are programmed, and the media and newspaper direct them in any action to any direction. In other words, Zionists act as the remote control of the American people.
b. The news said that all the American Jews who used to work at the World Trade Center did not attend their jobs on the day when the operation took place. There are about four thousand Jews who work regularly in this center. Why were they absent on that day in particular? Was that merely by chance? Some news said that Israel gave them an early warning. But early warning about what? It is expected that they will claim they had a special religious holiday on that day. But it was not Saturday, the Jewish holy day, and by looking at the Jewish calendar, no holiday or specific occasion on that day (September 11th) has taken place throughout their history. History is repeating itself. In 1993 when the same center was under attack, some news revealed that Israel sent a sympathetic and supporting message to the American administration five minutes before the action, but the media, as mentioned before, is dominated by Zionists who would hide anything that is against Israel. Other news revealed that the operation of 1993 was announced on Tel Aviv radio five minutes before the operation. The American administration and the FBI were applying at that time against that Palestinian guy and against Sheik Omar Abdulrahman, and they are now in prison.
c. An important question that should be asked here is, how many Jews of any nationality were in the jets that were used in the operation? None?!
d. Many of the pilots whom the American administration and the FBI claimed to be among the hijackers and that died in the operations are from Saudi Arabia. However, to prove that the administration and the FBI are controlled by the previous principle, those pilots are still alive, some of them are in different places around the world. Isn’t it a shame on CNN to announce and display the pictures of some of them and the next moment to receive calls from these persons? About ten of the eighteen which the administration and the FBI claimed to be the hijackers are still alive in their homelands in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. Poor American people! To what extent do they have to live under the lies of the White House and the FBI?
e. Since its emergence, Israel has proven to turn the attention of the world toward Palestinians, and the whole, even the American administration, attacked Washington and New York last week.
f. Bin Laden has proven to be honest; whenever he was involved in any action against America, he would stand courageously and say, “I did it.” This time he denied involvement in the operation of Washington and New York, though it would make him enter history from the widest gate as the legend that conquered America. Bin Laden’s manner is known to the American administration and to the whole world that he would never escape or deny his responsibility if he were behind the operation. There must be a perpetrator other than bin Laden; and definitely it is the Jews who are the first and the sole beneficiary of all these events. It is possible for bin Laden to claim to be the supporter of Muslims and to turn the whole world against them? Impossible.
g. Muslim and Arab countries are politically, economically and militarily very weak. Their leaders are trying to get into the lap of the American administration who keeps kicking them away, as that lap is occupied by a strong adopted son who does not believe in morals or international conventions, just as the administration itself. So, Israel attacked Washington and New York with full confidence that it would not be accused, and the weak Arabs and Muslims would be the ones accused. Those weak Arab and Muslims leaders are bigmouths who would only condemn and shout, though their people may threaten to use force to get their rights; and this is what Israel exploited. The American administration and the FBI will never think of Israel as the perpetrator, but it will accuse the barking dogs that seldom bite to prove to the world that it is the superpower. Even if Israel was discovered as being responsible, it is not rational for the American administration to announce that the adopted son is the one who dug the knife in their lap. The situation would be even worse in the eyes of the citizens who would question the validity of their system, and in the eyes of other allies who would question the reliability of the US’s friends in general, especially Europeans who would feel they would have been deceived for a long time that Israelis are peaceful and Muslims and Arabs are terrorists.
h. At the time American people, including Muslim Americans, are weeping and praying over the victims of Washington and New York, not a single Jew offered a prayer or made a consolation to the families of the victims. Rather, Ariel Sharon increases his aggressive actions against Palestinians in Jerusalem. The events of Washington and New York made the whole world puzzled today except Israel, as if the event is not against Israel’s master, namely the US, who antagonized the whole world for Israel’s sake. Logic says that Israel would have stopped its actions at least for few days to support the US and to mourn the victims. But nothing happened. Why? It appears that Israel is confident enough that even if it becomes clear it was behind the attack of Washington and New York, the American administration will do no more than a verbal accusation. Why again? First, because love is blind; and the Bush administration is deeply in love with Israel. The Bush administration, just like the previous administrations, would not accept any word from any sources against Israel. Even if those sources proved that Israel was behind the operation, the Bush administration would be 1000% satisfied with Israel, even if it kills all the Americans. Any serious crime committed by Israel would bring 1000 intercessors. Here are some of these intercessors. First, the battle of Heir Majdon, for which Jews are preparing themselves according to the prophecy of their Torah. In this battle, the Jews, according to the prophecy, will be victorious and kill all non-Jews, except those who would help them and establish their kingdom to rule the whole world. The Jews have been exploiting such an intercessor since the beginning of the twentieth century among Christians, especially American Christians who believe blindly in such a prophecy as part of the Bible. Many Christians in America, especially the leaders, have submitted to the Jews in a hope to be among those whom the Jews would remember when the time comes. The 700 Club, headed by Pat Robinson, of which George Bush and his father are members, is an example of the influence of Jews on that battle’s account. By the way, such a battle, according to the prophecy, will take place in Palestine in the first year of a new century. Thus, the Jews were expecting it to happen in 1901 and before that time they held so many conferences and prepared so many allies, but nothing happened. Then they prepared for the next expected year, which is the current year 2001. The year 2001 is about to end and the battle has not happened yet, which means either the falsehood of the prophecy or waiting for the year 2101 to come. But the Jews can neither guarantee its happening in 2101, nor can they guarantee the strong position they have now. So, it is better to see the fire now, since they are in such a position. No wonder then, why Ariel Sharon is insisting on driving the Middle East into war. But Palestinians and Arabs are putting every spark for war off, though they are humiliated at every moment by Israelis. Another example of the influence of Jews on Christians is the ordinance issued by the church acquitting Jews from Jesus’ blood, though the New Testament mentioned plainly that Jews were the killers of Jesus and the Jews had admitted that for more than 1,900 years. On the same token, but in different direction, some news has reported that the administration does prepare itself to take a position in the so-called Jewish kingdom for a certain time, then by the deftness of the cowboys and the skills of Rambo, they would get into the top of such a kingdom then rule the whole world. That may explain why the American administrations now and previously remained patient and calm with Israel’s several misconducts and insults against the US itself, since the ends justify the means. Yesterday, George Bush, in a slip of a tongue, revealed what the Americans hide when he described his preparations as “a new crusade.” Poor Muslims! Can’t they understand even the plain message?
i. The second intercessor is also religious in nature. The Jews say the Messiah has not yet come, but the Christians insist that he has already come, been killed and that he will come back to life. Muslims, on the other hand believe that he already came as Jesus, but was not killed; rather Allah took him to heaven alive, and he will come back to life near the end as a Muslim to fill the world with justice after it has been filled with injustice. The Jews were able, by one means or another, to convince the Christians that if Jesus, on the assumption that he was the Messiah, would come back to his own people, that Jesus, because he was a Jew would come back to help the Jews, and that it is not rational to claim that he would come as a non-Jew since he himself said in the Bible, “I have been sent but to the lost sheep of Israel.” Therefore, Christians have to follow the Jews otherwise they would be considered unbelievers, just like Muslims.
The third intercessor is the similarity between Israel and the US in their political systems. Both claim that Israel is the only democratic country in the region. Democracy is what the US presents to the whole world, and the whole world has to accept it. So in Israel, the government is elected by the people just as in the States; there are two main political parties just as in the States; Israel was established by immigrants from different parts of the world who took the lands of others (the Palestinians) by force, just as the States were established by immigrants who took the land of others (Native Americans) by force; Israel is (apparently) a secular state, and the States is (apparently) a secular state. In other words, Israel is a microcosm of the States, so it should be fervently supported by every means, even if that leads the American administration to sacrifice its own entire population, because birds of a feather flock together.
The fourth intercessor is the States’ claim of the world police position after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Israel is a small, tiny state surrounded by enemies (fierce camel riders, as the American media depicts them and Muslims who consider Jews the mortal enemy), and the job of the American administration is to protect it. Europeans have chased them (Jews) out of Europe, but gently, such as when the British colonists gave them Palestine as a national home for them to get rid of their evil. So, the American administrations realized the importance of protecting such a people, even with the wealth of these Jews; they own an amount of money enough to build the whole of America. They own almost all the leading banks and investment corporations in the world. Americans are people who would sacrifice their life for money. They may kill themselves for the sake of a few dollars, as Hollywood depicts them. Israel would then put tremendous pressure on the American administration – guilt would be the intercessor of wealth – to get whatsoever the Jews want because the light of morals and the brightness of principles would disappear in the presence of glittering gold.
While writing this analysis, the American president announced that he wanted Osama bin Laden dead or alive, and that America is gonna win and the losses will be great. Does he want more material and moral losses? Material in his army, and moral in losing all Arabs and Muslims as well as his own people, who would discover one day his lies and his deception by a band of Jews and a bunch of false prophecies that will never come true?