Who financed Al-Houthi? [Archives:2004/780/Letters to the Editor]

October 11 2004

Mohammed A. Ghaleb
Khartoum, Sudan
[email protected]

As announced on 26th September news paper, which said that they have discovered documents that proved the source of money financing Al-Hothi's rebellion came from Arab sources without naming which Arab country.
As published in Yemen Times, (which based it's information on the government's weekly newspaper of the military, the 26th September), the Yemen Times quoted the following:
“The Ministry of Interior told last week the Sept 26 Newspaper, the organ of the Yemeni Army, that investigations have uncovered documents indicating Al-Houthi's receiving support from regional players, either through Arab intelligence agencies, religious sects, or charitable societies in the area.”
“The information elicited by Yemeni investigators shows that those sides aimed, through supporting Al-Houthi, to spread havoc and instability in Yemen,” the newspaper quoted the ministry.
I would like to ask our ministry of interior why they don't want to name the Arab country who supported Al-Houthi which resulted the current bloodshed.
Yemenis can no longer keep quite about such barbaric and inhumane acts that happen in our country. We as ordinary citizens, have every right to ask our leaders why they hide the name of the criminals who financed this war.
We await from our ministry of interior to clarify the matter and publicly name the Arab country that supported the problem. If the ministry of interior do not want to clarify this matter, due to regional and political problems, then the ordinary Yemeni who actually bears the burden should say the fact to the entire world.
I would like to say to our minister of interior that Yemenis should no long keep silent. NO MORE SILENCE. Either you tell us or we will tell the entire world who is responsible for destabilizing Yemen. All the fingers show that our big brothers are responsible. Yes Saudi Arabia is responsible for that. This time they should pay for their mistakes.