Who is behind Mossad? [Archives:2004/787/Letters to the Editor]

November 4 2004

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

You don't need to look at the “energetic activities of the Mossad in Iraq” to find the reason George Bush has slaughtered 20,000 Moslem Iraqi men, women and children. All you need to do is remember Bush saying that the war is “a crusade” and bombs falling – “shock and awe” on Iraqi homes.
When will you understand that Bush's Christian ambitions include the destruction of Islam? When he kills 50,000 of you? 500,000? Five million?
In case you didn't know, Bush is developing 500 new nuclear warheads per year and guess who he's going to drop them on? England? You may not want to believe that this is a religious war, but it is. And who do you think is funding Mossad?