Who is the perpetrator? [Archives:2007/1021/Opinion]

February 1 2007

Abdulwahab Mazaraa
It is a question frequently repeated after any crime and event or injustice befalling an individual or a society or a segment of it. In known crimes the fact can appear and the criminal is known. There may be major perpetrators and behind him the circumstances, causes and other factors that made him a criminal. In other crimes there may be a criminal and a victim. At the same time there are many perpetrators or criminals behind the known perpetrators who are in the forefront.

Let's consider the crimes of accidental murder from the misuse of weapons. Isn't ignorance at the forefront of the actual perpetrators of this crime? Is it not true that the absence of a law regulating possession and carrying weapons by citizens another perpetrator in this crime? Even in intentional killing there exists the element of arms availability in the hands of perpetrators and consequently behind committing the crime, in addition to other factors especially ignorance and fanaticism.

The death of the infant Yassamin in Mahweet recently will no doubt raise a question: If the deaf and dumb perpetrator received good care wouldn't his life and behavior have changed and become a person useful to society and not someone posing danger on others?

Many victims fall daily in traffic accidents or drowning or burning and other causes and similar events there are surely many factors behind those victims due to events that were possible to avoid with measures such as improving the condition of roads, stopping the use of bad cars and enlightening the area of human safety concerning all causes of those incidents.

There are hidden perpetrators behind the apparent ones such as the absence of law or not activating it, the lack of institutional awareness and everything related to human safety, non-existence of some essential services such as improving the condition of roads and providing them with means of safety, the ignorance of some people and their recklessness and fanaticism and the over-riding problem of poverty.

All of us truly believe in God's fate but the question of considering the causes in the world of today is something inevitable and that makes us all write on the importance of the existence of law and carrying it out, the continuous and seasonal enlightenment with regard to the human safety and keeping him away from all types of danger, whether regarding the road or frequenting dangerous places without guidance or engaging himself in things he does not reckon their danger on his life such as electricity and alike.

It is important to point out in this regard to these aspects at the time of the meeting of Arab Interior Ministers 17th conference because to be aware and consider those hidden perpetrators and the endeavor to stop their interference in would lead to alleviate and reduce the cost of annual losses in lives and material costs to be sustained on only by the interior ministry but also the state with all its human, government and leadership components.

All this is on the agenda of the ministry of interior and other sides and other concerned ministries but the question is, where are they at the scale of priorities?