Who will speak for poor? [Archives:2004/710/Letters to the Editor]

February 9 2004

Mohammad Noaman Al-hakimi
[email protected]

A great river is not to be judged by the foam on its surface.
However, let's try to confound those who get tired of reading Yemen Times because of the way it bravely and fairly presents Yemen's reality.
They should simply refer back to the reality that a society stuck in total or partial negligence is stuck in the past.
They should also refer back to deterioration of values and principals among the youth in our society. Therefore, they may judge themselves.
The writing on the wall is quite clear. We should not continue to be hypocrite and negligent.
Who is to tackle the agonies of the poor being ignored and totally neglected, with their outstretched hands fully washed with tears, and headed for you, everywhere you turn to?
I just put it to you!