Who’s next on the US target list? [Archives:2003/630/Opinion]

April 7 2003

Nanda Kishore
Chennai, India
[email protected]

I wish to state my feelings about the “War on Iraq”. I wish to show my anguish over utter disregard to the will of the United Nations by its Allies and US. The blatant hypocrisy shown by the US and its allies confirms to the following points.
1. It is a well known fact that U.S. which has encouraged the Taliban during the Cold War with the Soviets. & when the same Taliban supported Al-Qaeda hit them they Destroyed the Taliban and Installed a Puppet Government in Afghanistan. “Puppet Government” confirms this fact that by playing American Tune of supporting a war on Iraq.
2. There are several countries like India facing terrorism related problems.. One hit by Osama on the Twin towers led to Afghan War. India had several hits similar and far more devastating and US urges India to hold restraint. Why?? Why can't it hold the same restraint against Iraq?? Is it not Hypocrisy? Just because it is the lone super power, it's calling the shots.
3. If terrorism causes Death & Destruction in US., the same terrorism results in the same in other countries too.. Why doesn't US react in similar situations in other countries also.. Is the value of life of an American Citizen higher than that of citizens of other countries?? I believe a life is a life and nobody has the right to take it., and I guess everybody agrees with it.
4. The U.S. has a total disregard for the will of the U.N. and has gone ahead with the war. What's the difference between the US and the so called rogue countries it says?? If Iraq has behaved like a rogue by invading Kuwait, US is now a bigger rogue since it is invading Iraq without UN Sanctioning.. (i.e., against the will of the world).
5. UN Inspectors have clearly outlined that Iraq does not have weapons of mass destruction. And Iraq is providing fullt cooperation for the inspections, which only needed some more time to totally disarm. Why such a hurry to wage a war?? At the cost of death and destruction. For Oil?? It is not the Oil but the blood & Death of a father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, daughter that U.S wants to thrive.
6. The world felt sorry for the deaths and destruction on 9/11. The world didn't distinguish whether it was an American or another national or whether it was a Christian, a Muslim or a Hindu. It was a death of innocent human being. Then why does America distinguish??
7. If America wants to be a big brother, let it be so. But let it act with the same brotherly sense and do justice than act like a trigger happy thug. It should act with conscience and treat the other nations like brothers rather than try to take advantage of their weakness and benefit out of them.
8. & Finally, the issue of Great Britain. This, once upon a time great nation, lost its individuality and merely dances to the tunes of U.S. It was the British who have supplied the arms and ammunition and the necessary equipment to Iraq to manufacture chemical weapons. Now it is the same people who cry foul. England should shun its opportunist attitude and behave more maturely than act like a vamp.
9. The actions of the policy makers in the U.S is the cause of 9/11, thus resulting in deaths of innocents. Every action has an equal opposite reaction. But ultimately it is some innocent, who's hurt while the policy makers enjoy the ball.
10. Now after Iraq., Who's Next? North Korea.. After that.. possibly Pakistan.. then Libya.. The U.N is marginalized and the voices of Germany, France and China can just condemn American action and can do nothing about it..
11. To conclude, in India, we Hindu`s have a Holy Saying “Sarvejana Sukhinau Bhavantu” which means “All The Living Beings Live In Peace & Harmony”.
12. I hope the USA realizes this universal truth and stops the war on humanity.