Why can’t the Hameed-Addeen family return? [Archives:2003/676/Letters to the Editor]

October 13 2003

Alhassan Hameed-Addeen

My name is Alhassan. I have lived in USA my whole life. My family has not been allowed to come into Yemen for 35 years. Our houses, land and property were all confiscated. My grandfather Alhassan ibn Al-Imam Yahya passed away this summer and I always wished to bury him in Sana'a. The authorities in Yemen refused my family that honor. I am confused why my family is still hated so much in Yemen. We all love Yemen and wish to come back. Is the government afraid of al Hameed-Addeen even today? We have no guns, we have no country. Does anyone know why we are not allowed to come beck to Yemen?