Why Government keeps provoking us by April the 27th?Distracting attention [Archives:2003/632/Opinion]

April 21 2003

By Abd Alrahman Khaled
An inquiry purports to be too naive, the answer of which may, of course, be “so as not to forget the Election Day and to have our democratic right in voting, simply that's all” a layman may proudly and intellectually enlighten us. A decade or so after the first parliamentary elections held in Yemen, some people gradually commenced to open their shut eyes to the nothingness, ugliness, illusion and regressive development of the aggravating situations they're dwelling in, having no clear- cut ideology or policy to change even for the slightest slowest better. This late self-enlightenment and comprehension of the incredibility of elections by some previously misled has brought about to boycott elections as happened with the first and only presidential elections so far as we have all witnessed, seen, read and heard about.
When the misleading guys and elections mercenaries began to lose much more power and effectiveness feeling so worried only about their own interests they started launching their in firm campaigns of promises that would and will never come true even in day dreams utilizing all the media possible and available to win the public hearts without even a grain shame of their vacuum words which are at odd with their actions.
And so, so many congresses, symposium, forums and workshops have been and still being held nation wide during of which many lectures regarding elections were delivered by political figures who have proved their utter failure in every position they occupied in an endeavor to wake up, evoke and stimulate the sleeping passions and morale of the public towards the so-called elections, which public seems to thoroughly forgotten or deliberately attempting to (excluding mercenaries and over exploiters of elections. But how far! To triply be fooled, as the American proverb says ” if you fool me once, then you are a coward, but if you fool me twice, then I'm moony. So, what if a person is fooled thrice?
The public is already fed up to every now and then get heard of the one decade old monotonous cliches you deceptive slogans of elections. Pre-election x is the best to represent you, but post elections x is the best to misrepresent you. Pre-elections, elect party x to have education free and accessible for all, post-election, education is inaccessible for those students scoring less than 70% and illiteracy on the rise. Pre-elections select party x to ensure heath. For all, post elections, people are dying of different illnesses by the hundreds and boldly cured by the thousands. Elect party x candidate to root out corruption, poverty, ignorance and unemployment, such stupid slogans that merely and vividly confirm the widespread existence of all those devils and the many likes of them in Yemeni society. Choose party x candidate to get freedom, equality, justice, stability and prosperity. More silly mottoes which repeatedly assent the non-existence of all those merits in our community. Wake up Mr. Sleeping public and never be deceived by the false promises and digitally beautified photographs of the candidate has anyhow provided yours constituency with electricity or water never, never, never think this way, since this is really egoism, and bear in mind that after a four decade period of the revolution you, me and many like us still don't have even the basic and most simplest facilities and rights of citizen ship – just water and electricity and never forget that Yemen (Your country) is a one integral state and not (301) states, and remember as well that the previously posed inquiry may virtually purport to be naive but it demands a wise answer that is so serious to the high point of seriousness.