Why is qat a drug? [Archives:2004/800/Letters to the Editor]

December 20 2004

Ashwaq Al-Gose
[email protected]

I still remember the article I sent to you in which I asked you to explain the reasons that lead you to name qat as a drug. I have not, however, received any logical reasons for this statement.
I would like to tell you that criticism requires evaluation. We have to accept alternative opinions to avoid bias.

Dear Ashwaq,
I understand your complaint and I value your feedback. However, when I said drugged nation what I meant should not be literally understood as it is unwise to call the whole Yemeni nation drug addicts. What I meant is that the use of qat is turning hard working active people into to citizens who are addicted to qat sessions, which absorbs their time and money. The objective of the editorial was to make the nation wake up from its habit of chewing qat. If you have a counter opinion that you think is appropriate, you can have it sent to us for it to be published.
Thank you for your feedback
)The Editor