Why is the world this way? [Archives:2003/692/Letters to the Editor]

December 8 2003

Neena A.
[email protected]

So many times I ask myself why the world is the way it is today? Why are all Muslim countries living in poverty and weakness?
There is only one answer to this question in my point of view. Muslims have become weak religiously speaking and are unable to face or do anything about any form of slavery that is imposed on them by the big powers of this world we are living in. No Muslim country is able to defend Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else. Why? Because unfortunately, no Muslim country can build itself to become powerful and able to defend its people.
Preoccupation with new technology, such as internet chats and international TV programs presented by satellite dishes are destroying the minds of many Muslims instead of building them.
Today, many Muslims are busy making more friends on the net than learning more about religion and becoming better Muslims so that they benefit their society in any way possible.
By the way, anyone can be the victim of Satan's production (chatrooms) given the availability and worldly problems one is facing in their lives which they need to run away from and forget by entering the world of chat.
In fact, many people today are being treated from a psychological disease called internet addiction and unfortunately, this disease is on us as well but in its worst forms (the chat form of the internet). At least, in the western world, most people use the internet as an information tool and for education. Unfortunately, most people in Muslim countries use the internet as a chatting tool and benefit less education wise (I would love to be corrected if I am wrong).
Also, Muslims today have become preoccupied with something called the “Satellite Dish”. People spend hours and hours watching television programs that are on 24/7. In fact, the availability of 100's of channels that are useless because they connect people to the world and make them see the world according to what those programs portray. Within those channels, the number of religious programs that can be of benefit to our Muslim society is countable and thus we seem to not mind why? Because we are becoming weaker and weaker in faith and that is exactly the purpose behind any type of technology that occupies people to the point that they become slaves to it.
I really feel sorry for our Muslim society and fear much for its future. Hope that we all be wise and wake up from the dreams that we live in and start living Islam fully rather than taking Islam the way that suits us. Only then we will be strong.