Why not lift sanctions? [Archives:2003/632/Letters to the Editor]

April 21 2003

Richard Rubright
[email protected]

I am saddened by both the war and the UN. I am truly sad because the UN is showing itself for what it is. All over the Arab world people have been convinced that the sanctions against Iraq should be lifted. Saddam is gone now. The Americans want the sanctions lifted and the debts of Iraq forgiven. Is this happening? No. France and Russia are not willing to stop the sanctions now even though they wanted the sanctions stopped when they had contracts with Saddam. Now they want the sanctions to stay until they get new contracts. It is sickening to watch them refuse to forgive debts and then blatantly make Iraqis suffer in order to plunder the oil wealth. This is not to fear combat to bring freedom, but to embrace greed in the aftermath.