Why the US is hated [Archives:2003/691/Letters to the Editor]

December 4 2003

Byron Allen
Houston, Texas, USA
[email protected]

What about the failed policy of the Arab world in failing to protect tens of thousands of murdered Muslims in Iraq? Please do not talk about America's failed policy when the Arabs have betrayed and murdered their own by doing nothing for the past 10 years about the butcher of Baghdad, Saddam. You let your own people be slaughtered by the thousands and then you have the nerve to object to the US fixing the problem? Surely, you see the hypocrisy in your thought process.
As an American, I am delighted that the US has seen fit to try and protect Muslims from a brutal dictator.
The US is hated because it has put people on notice that terrorism and murder will not be tolerated. Nobody likes a nation which established the rules for other's behavior. When you are the most powerful nation on the earth, it is really easy for others to condemn and criticize.
Of course, the others have no suggestions or ideas at all as to how to fix the terrorism issues and protect innocent people. Muslims could have fixed this Middle East issue, but you did nothing. When Kuwait was invaded 10 years ago by Saddam, you did nothing. In Yemen, you have many terrorists. What did you do? Let them out of prison for Ramadan!!! Are you people crazy?
Americans are getting really sick of being hated by the world when the rest of the world does nothing about the problems. This American could now care less what other countries think. I want to save lives and protect people, Muslims included even if the Arabs do not care about their own.