Will Taiz University have a new beginning [Archives:2003/673/Letters to the Editor]

October 2 2003

Bassam M. Ali
[email protected]

The news of the appointment of new rector for Taiz University has been welcomed with great relief by those who care about the future of this important educational edifice. This letter aims at pointing out the causes of the lamentable conditions in this university. So far, the university has failed to achieve the objectives for which it was established and this can only be attributed to the corruption that has plagued its administration. Changing the rector will not be enough to bring about the desired change. The corrupted executives must be changed as well. The bickering among them has hampered the improvement of the university. Their conflicts are based on their own personal interests rather than those of the university. No doubt, there are good officials but they have been sidelined and their voices were never heard.
I believe the last visit by President Saleh was the reason for this change. He was displeased by the performance of the administration and people were hoping that this displeasure will be translated into action. The new rector faces big challenges but taking into account his long experience, we are full of hope that he will be able to make the university have a new beginning towards development. This of course can not be done without purging the university from corrupted officials who have accumulated considerable wealth causing suffering to the university staff, students and their fellow officials. There must be an end to the double standard policy which has been adopted so far.
Millions and millions of rials have been spent on the university's central library but the result was a library with empty shelves. The question to be asked is where has the money gone? I am sure that many officials know the answer. In order to build the future we must apply accountability law and without holding corrupted officials responsible for their wrong doings, nothing will change.