Winds of change [Archives:2007/1109/Opinion]

December 6 2007

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
One is bound to think about the trends and the way the world is shaping up to be, especially with everything having gone so lopsided for the last seven years now going on eight. For the people of the Near East there are some good tidings for a change. In fact there was a time when one thought that this part of the world would never see the light of the day. Thanks to the shrinking geography of the world and to the untiring efforts of many people in this world who want to be viewed as the infinite seekers of the truth, it seems that the shouting voices of wisdom are beginning to see all their screaming and shouting come to the opening of the tunnel.

For the good part of the past decade, the media was controlled by the evil forces of the world that sought to actually mislead and then direct public opinion to have a distorted image of the world and how it should be managed. For a while, it seemed that the evil elements of the “international community” represented by a misguided United States, with a menacing Administration that hedged all its bets on narrow and sleazy minded interests, that thought that the world was for the taking to do with as they please and to divide its spoils to the benefit of a few corporate cutthroats, who believe that profit is the only justification for which the world is turning and only for them and no one else. Thus to these monsters of this age, one can even kill for a profit and get away with it so easily. Indeed it would be foolish if anyone thought about such things, as morals, ethics and goodwill, especially when all the laws and international conventions, for which humanity has struggled to put in place for so many centuries, have been thrown to the incinerator of lost conscience.

For the many in this world, who really held on stubbornly to the premonition that humanity simply could never stoop so low as to live without morality, even if corporate America and the International Zionist Establishment clogged all the media channels to make sure that such decadence of human naivety are forever removed from the mindset of those with the God sent privilege of knowing better and who are stubbornly insistent that humanity must move forward in matter and in spirit. It is God's will and so let it be. For those privileged few, God has indeed shown those subtle signs that it really isn't all that bad, if you just carry on your struggle without fear and hesitation. Oh sure, the evil forces of the world have the gun and they are using it and aiming it recklessly (even from the air as Yemen's gun slinging security showed last week in Aden). But then, they lack the mind and the wherewithal to stand up against the determined human drive to be free and to tear down the walls of arrogance and tyranny, both anathema to any true God-fearing person, even if the international mob of Zionism and Western chauvinism decides to unleash its killing machine against every already impoverished person of the world. Even if the very dictators that rule this part of the world think their mentors in Washington would never let them go (forgetting what happened to Saddam and now Lebanon), their time is slowly going bye bye. If America took eight years to realize the folly of bad leadership and the dominance of foolish interests in the shaping of America's policy towards the rest of the world, thanks to the enlightenment of so many Americans, who valiantly said, hay what we did in Iraq was wrong; what our Israeli allies and their friends in the International Zionist Establishment are goading us towards in the Persian Gulf is both self-defeating and somewhat irrational, let alone unjustified and of course illegal. Arrogance is the biggest of man's follies and there is no room for it, if man is to bring about a world free from all the agonies of inequality, repression and selfishness.

As the world nears the end of the Year 2007, it should begin to make the scattered and disparate voices of the world that are crying for a world free from injustice, needless bloodshed, disease, pollution, hatred, chauvinism and arrogance a greater chance to illustrate the world humanity should have. They are not guided by selfishness, but a sincere desire to really see a better world. In other words, it is time for a world as God would only have it. A world of peace.

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.