Winners of the parliament seats in 4 constituencies [Archives:2003/651/Local News]

July 17 2003

Voters are scheduled to cast their votes on Sunday at polling centers where parliamentary by-elections are to be held.
It has been decided to hold again polling in those centers.
Elections committee is expected to announce names of winner MPs on those four centers, namely, two centers, one center in constituency No. (61) and one center in constituency No. (63) in Taiz governorate and at two centers of constituency No. (75), Lahj governorate in addition to one center at (86) constituency.
Those centers had seen strong competitions between candidates of the opposition coordination council and those of the GPC during the parliamentary elections on 27 April.
Leaders from the opposition had accused the ruling party of seeking to dominate over results of even the remainders of elections centers and to strengthen its influence on the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum, SCER.
The president of the republic last Tuesday issued republican decree appointing Mr. Ashaef Ali al-Hussieni as a secretary-general of the SCER.
Mr. al-Hussieni was before his appointment as leader of the SCER, member of the GPC general secretariat.