Women are more likely to rule the world [Archives:2007/1021/Letters to the Editor]

February 1 2007

Mohammed Al-Dubaee
[email protected]

It seems that world is moving toward to the rule of women. In the U.S., Senator Clinton is attempting to enter the presidential election in 2008 and in France, it is certain that the socialist candidate has already entered the election and we are inquiring if a world is going to be ruled by women would be more peaceful and stable.

In my view, I really support the candidacy of women for every position as I think that the sensitivity of women is always required and they always prefer peace than war.

Public opinions shows that the French woman running for presidential election has a greater chance than other candidates and if she wins in the election, this will support the Senator Clinton in the U.S. and it will make the Americans vote for her.

The political history has witnessed many strong women who ruled great nations and they did achieve prosperity and boom for their people such as Queen Zenobia, Queen Balkis (Queen of Sheba) in ancient history and Margaret Thatcher and Indira Ghandi in modern history. We should have no fear if a woman becomes a ruler of the world and I can assure that we may see peaceful and brotherly world stands for respecting the rights of others to live in dignity and democracy.