Women between hammer of man and anvil of bad economy [Archives:2005/876/Reportage]

September 12 2005

Abdulwahab Alsofi
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

Woman that means for many nothing except a housecleaner and sexual enjoyment, consider, the second half of any society in the earth. These whims pops many minds, dominate on our society. More so, many people think that women are commodities used for sale and buying.

These wrong concepts still in many Yemeni minds are deplorable. Woman is consist of a feeling groups .She may be a sister, daughter, mother or a wife to man who, at any time do badly against her .

Without any shadow of doubt, the gush of feeling that ecstatically overflows from woman's heart is the main source for man's happiness. This happiness granted to man is not voluble estimated. We, as men have gladness at our cradle passing through youth's age from her yearning. She gives whatever good it is to man who continues persecuting her and deprives her from all rights granted to her by Allah. Instead, man should owe all gratitude to her.

In my opinion, it is enough to ill-treat woman and enough to be suffered from the scornful look of many others and from the bitter cruelty of our society, they live in. Most of the bad adjectives, such as disloyal, glamorous, deceptive are usually attributed to the character of woman either she is in the house or she works. Thus, her future became a threatening nightmare. Therefore, some of them abstain from marriage lest they should get unsuccessful marriage that lead to divorce.

Divorce that considers a scared ghost threatens women and then develops to a complex for many women, spread in our society. Consequently, many psychological cases spread among women, and especially those got experiences of unsuccessful marriage. The majority of nonbeing of equivalent marriages in Yemeni society, especially when groom is a foreigner, leads to divorce. There are many visitors coming from neighboring countries getting a fertilizing market in Yemen to enjoy and have what is called tourist marriage. Unfortunately, most of them, marry young girls for a month. Their wealth tempts poor family to get married.

Because of that, the final arbiter is almost divorce. Divorced women are sentenced to undervalued ones instantly in our society. Divorce, the ruin of their hopes spread widely as marriage relies on nothing except material value. It is despondent for women. It is called a tourist marriage rather than any other kinds of marriage.

What displeases us is view of our society despises women whom got divorce. This makes a sensation of repression to them. Let us take a live example, Suha, is a divorced girl 24 years old. She got married when she was fourteen from a rich man, 49 years old. She lived with him for four years facing many difficulties such as neglecting, marital disloyalty, beating, and ill-treatment. Finally, this led to separation. Since four years, Suha has been suffering from a society's scornful look since her separation .She also got a psychological status and completely refuses the notion of any new marriage in spite of her young age. Another one Lena got married a foreigner came from K.S.A. She enjoyed the marital happiness for only two months .After her wealthy groom had returned to his country; he directly dispatched the document of divorce to his temporary bride. Soon, this dream of flaming gladness directly changed to ash. In addition to that, many wives' problems in home increase day by day because of many factors such as bad economical status, add insult to injury. They even became a hard burden to their parent. Therefore, women are between hummer and anvil.

There is a long history of women oppression, wife beating, and a burden on their parents and of divorce's problems. Nevertheless, those do not make women excusable for getting married and demanding her rights under the Islam's concepts.