Women rights: I need answers [Archives:2005/856/Letters to the Editor]

July 4 2005

By Mrs. Nasira Alvi
[email protected]

As in Islam, the peace and love is given to human beings regardless of gender. But a priority is always being given to the man because of his capabilities in fulfilling the responsibilities as the leader of his family. The responsibilities of the man are as follows according to hadith and Quran:

To provide the food, shelter and clothing; responsible for all kind of social growth; and taking care of the health of his family.

There is a Hadith “A woman has to wait for her husband at least 7 years if his whereabouts is not known, then she can go for a second marriage or Nikah”. But I have a question. Nowadays the average age of a man & woman is 50 to 60 years, and women get married in their 20-30 years, sometimes above 30 years of age. The resources of communications are also fast. There is no way for a person to wait for 7 years of her life to be able for a second nikah. Think about it. This period should be reduced, not more than 3 years.

However, if a person is in contact, but he is neither fulfilling the responsibilities as a father of his kids nor for his wife. She is earning for herself and kids for the bringing up of her family. I believe that if he does so for 3 years continuously, the marriage should be broken. The money and property that is brought during marriage period should be allotted to the wife. A woman should have a right to cancel this agreement so she can go for her next destiny if she likes. If both want to resume their relation, paying the money of all the expenditures of those years should penalize him.

Islam has preserved women dignity and interests but can men understand the self respect of an innocent, pitiable woman?