Words of praise [Archives:2006/954/Letters to the Editor]

June 12 2006

Ali Al-Faqeero-illallah
[email protected]

It's been a while since I last read some articles from my beloved newspaper, the Yemen Times. I neither lose contact with it, nor did I forget about it. The fact is that I was busy undertaking my studies here in America. If I did not say it before to any one, I am going to say it a million times that the Yemen Times did help my English develop a great deal. I used to write all the new words that I had no idea what they meant and look them up in the dictionary. Then I would use them in a kind of proper context kind of similar to the one I found them in. To tell the truth, up to date I still do the same thing every time I come across a word I do not know. Definitely I do that after I try to figure out what the word means in relation to the entire context of the paragraph. However, I can not really express my love and gratitude to Yemen Time's staff through theses few words; I really have to write more. I am going to do that later on Inshallah.