Workshop held on fishery reform [Archives:2004/709/Local News]

February 5 2004

The purpose behind a recent workshop on Yemen's fishing industry was to stress the need for its review, to contribute to the strengthening of the national economy, and to establish balance between investment and the maritime environment to maintain the fishery reserve.
The industry faces dangers due to the havoc caused by indiscriminate fishing and the use of forbidden fishing methods.
The workshop called for the enhancement of regional cooperation between the countries overlooking the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea. All are concerned with the necessity to protect the maritime environment.
The recommendations of the participants stressed the need to adopt a futuristic vision for the management of the fishery sector so as to achieve compatibility with the statutes , the functions and the tasks of the fishery sector in light of the realistic trends of the governmental policy
They also called for the formation of committees to draw up the projects and bylaws and to involve the Cooperative Fishery Union in such bylaws which deal with traditional methods of fishing in addition to an institutional revision of the ministry and the drawing up of an organizational bylaw for the ministry determining its duties and responsibilities clearly and to work towards preparation of the Fishery Sector with statutes in light of international markets and the Market freedom system and to decentralize the issuance of permits and fishing agreements so as to guarantee the facilitation of procedures and the collection of dues as well as working towards developing the fishing means used by individual fishermen and thus raise their productivity as well as the quality and to encourage Yemeni exporters in their efforts including their establishment of their own association.