Write about education please! [Archives:2004/774/Letters to the Editor]

September 20 2004

Semira Mana'
[email protected]

As you know schools are opening and there are families who can not afford to send there children to school. My ambition is to see all Yemeni people living a better life, and education is the main pathway to better living and the building of a better generation. I can not afford to help many children, and so I tried to get some contributions for some children, and I got help from my friend Tony French from Australia to cover school tuition fees for 4 children as well as uniforms, bags, shoes, books and other materials, and he promised to do more in the future
I kindly request you, to publish an article on this topic. Regardless of how much was the aid, it serves as a moral example for others. If you are willing to publish I can provide you with all the information and his picture.

Dear Samira,
We will indeed be publishing articles on the vital sector of education. Please rest assured that this issue is one of our main priorities.