Write an article on Yemeni Jews [Archives:2004/748/Letters to the Editor]

June 21 2004

Yonathan Ben-Pozi
[email protected]

I would like to suggest your news reporters and editors to spare an article about the small Jewish community residing in town of Raidah near Amran city in Yemen.
As some news reporters have last few years visited there, they report that the Jewish community is holding tight to the “Ultra Traditional” Jewish Religion.
In our view, these Jews are the “Original” Jews from the time of the Temple. We heard that they have elementary schools with young educated teachers.
It would be a great thing if your News reporters would Visit the Jewish Community and write A nice article about them, reporting the lifestyle of those Jews, would be a great idea to show the world how the real Jews keep their religion and live in peace with their Muslim neighbors. This seems to be very similar to the Jewish community that consisted of thousands of religious families in Jerusalem, when it was the capital of Palestine until the dark day in 1948 when the State of Israel was first founded.
In Jerusalem itself as well as across the world, there are still thousands of Ultra Orthodox Jews who wish to see a peaceful way out in the current conflict, and would like to be able to live in Old Jerusalem in the same conditions that were there during the 1930s.