Wrong comparison! [Archives:2004/748/Letters to the Editor]

June 21 2004

James A. Shockley
[email protected]

Ref your comparison of the brutal torture of Iraqi “detainee's and how much more barbaric Americans are, consider this: Were these pictured detainees, burned like meat, beaten with pipes, dragged through the street then hung up on a bridge ? No? OK, were they made to kneel while a statement they could not understand was read, and then have their heads cut off in a manner reminiscent of Jack the Ripper? No?
No one in the US condones the underwear on the head, the dog leash, or the piling up of naked bodies. It is stupidity beyond the pale. But I think we all know which of these things I've described here is Barbaric. If you don't then I pity you, and will pray for you.