YDF conference [Archives:2004/774/Local News]

September 20 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Last Tuesday, the Yemeni Development Foundation (YDF) held a conference on “the role of the private sector in social accountability”, in which a number of businessmen and financial experts partook. The conference, sponsored by Sabafon, had the motto: “Toward a joint developmental and social responsibility”.
Dr. Mohammed Al-Miseibi, director of the YDF emphasized the responsibility of the private sector, and its role in the combat against poverty and in giving assistance to the poor. He also stressed that the private sector can establish projects contributing to the development process in Yemen, especially in the areas inhabited by poorer people. “This is a national duty of vital importance”, he added.
Mrs. A'esha Sabri, Manager of relations and telecommunication at Sabafon confirmed that the company is ready to offer everything for the purpose of contributing to the development process in Yemen, particularly for projects related to poverty alleviation.