Yemen a holiday destination [Archives:2006/914/Letters to the Editor]

January 23 2006

Mia Venster
[email protected]

I just started reading and learning about your country, via the website BBC World News, with the idea of possibly making it my holiday destination next year.

I do not know the details as to why the motorcyclists are not allowed to use their vehicle for business reasons. But when the owner is duly licensed and taxed, he or she should be able to make a living with it. I recently returned from India, where I hired the services of a nice man with a motorcycle. Together we toured the country. I had a wonderful journey and the money I paid him for his services during my three weeks holiday, amounted to a sum he would have had a difficult time earning were it not for his old but very reliable motorcycle.

I am a tourist who believes in sharing my money with local people, rather than giving it to overseas travel agencies.

I hope Yemeni people will soon be allowed the privilege of making a living! And maybe I will experience the beauty of your country.