Yemen [Archives:2005/869/Letters to the Editor]

August 18 2005

Faozia Aljibawi
[email protected]

Yemen is a beautiful place that is under estimated by many Arabs and non Arabs around the globe. In the past, I personally had negative ideas about Yemen. I thought that Yemen is an uncivilized country that has no significant beauty to it and man was I wrong.

After many years, and by the help of a Yemeni friend I began to realize that my assumptions were wrong. After hearing so much of Yemen, I began my own research about it and found it to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. True I haven't been to Yemen but the beautiful stories I've heard from my friend, the fascinating pictures I have seen, and the great video clips made me really want to go to Yemen for a vacation.

Yemen has great Tourist attractions which aren't greatly publicized about. I urge Yemenis from all professions to take a stand and educate people about Yemenis and the beautiful places in Yemen. We need to change the negative image that resides in the minds of many and replace it with positive facts that will bring people to Yemen and help revive the country.