Yemen: Crown of Arabia [Archives:2006/924/Letters to the Editor]

February 27 2006

Khalil I. Mahmud
[email protected]

Mountains, seas and marvelous yellow sands surround the mysteries of this ancient country. Yemen, the name which always reminds us of the cheerfulness , stability , and fragrance of the spiritual past. The variety of its climate is resembling the rainbow after a heavy rainy day! Each beam arouses in you a different sense of ecstasy .

Northwards , your feelings are unified with the clouds flying on the tops of the mountains ; taking your spirit far away to a dreamy land. You forget everything around you ; and your eyes just staring at the virgin nature and the gallant mountains. Greenness is mingled with the chanting of the reapers and the charm of the cool day. The hot coffee made at the warm houses recalls in your mind your loved ones you desire to share you this wonderful taste and the moments of tranquility.

Southwards , the sea converses with you, with the ebb and flow, digging your memories . You travel with your mind deep into the endless history. The image of your beloved is reflected in the blue sky ,painted by the roaring of the friendly sea and your childhood sweet moments travel with the waves.

Eastwards , the soft yellow sands , playing with the wind , narrate the stories of the powerful hands and the pretty young queen sprinkling the surroundings with her incense .The stones of her temple tell you about the power of those people who once had lived in real earthy paradises.

Yemen, a God Made Portrait , attracts you and call you wherever you go.

It is the country , representing the link between the past and present , enthroning itself the crown of Arabia by the high green mountains and the wealth of the talking history.