Yemen hosts regional conference on Islam and terrorism [Archives:2004/737/Local News]

May 13 2004

An official source announced last Sunday that Yemen would host a regional conference on Islam and terrorism in the middle of next July. This is a postponement of the original date announced, due to security measures.
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Islamic Endowment and Guidance, Mr. Yahya Al-Najar previously stated on May 9, 2004, that the conference would be held in the middle of June 2004. He also said that a big number of Arab and Muslim intellectuals would participate in the conference with working papers, headed by Sheikh Mohamed Tantanwe, Sheikh of Al-Azhur.
The participants in the conference will discuss 14 points during the four days of the conference. Mr. Al-Najar, pointed out that the subjects would include dialogue in confronting terrorism, the definition of Jihad in Islam and its stance toward terrorism, the mosque and its status and message throughout history, the position of scientists and their role in the society, the horizons of renewing Islamic thought, the role of Islamic corporations in guiding the community and in the progress of economic development, the principle of dialogue in Islam and the solutions to contemporary issues facing the Arab and Muslim worlds.
He added that the conference aims at crystallizing an Islamic vision towards the issues of terrorism with guaranteed mechanisms to confront them clearly, in addition to forming a unified message for the Muslim community through the Islamic corporations to reach a point to determine the religious rhetoric whilst avoiding creating differences in the community.
Mr. Al-Najar emphasized and welcomed the possibility of surrounding extremist ideas, which have no connection to Islam, through the Islamic education of youths and fortifying them against the ideas of globalization, which aim at wiping out the identity of Arabs and Muslims.