Yemen is destiny for me [Archives:2005/873/Letters to the Editor]

September 1 2005

Sameh Taher Al-Amery
[email protected]

My name is Sameh Taher Al-Amery i am originally from Taiz but born and lived out of Yemen. I always come to Yemen almost every year. I have travelled to many countries in Africa, Europe and now living in Dubai, Yemen is one of the most beautiful countries i have been to not to for get the culture in it and the hospitality makes someone want to always visit this wonderful and never want to get out of it. Yemen has something unique or i might i say everything is unique about it, it is not as developing as the gulf countries but to me Yemen is the best place. I am proud calling myself a Yemeni and i know one day Yemen will be my end of the journey because Yemen is a destiny for me.