Yemen marks 14 October Revolution 43rd Anniversary [Archives:2006/989/Local News]

October 12 2006

SANA'A, Oct. 14 ) Yemeni people nationwide celebrated Saturday the 43rd Anniversary of 14 October Revolution, which broke out on October 14, 1963.

The revolution erupted in South Yemen against the British Occupation and South Yemen attained independence and forced British invaders to flee the country.

The 14 October Revolution represents a historic moment in the course of the national struggle toward freedom, development, unity, justice and equality for Yemeni people.

The revolution broke out as an extension of the 26 September Revolution in 1962 in North Yemen against the rule of Imamate. Both great events reflect Yemen's history of struggle and desire to liberate their country from occupation and oppression. The two events paved the way to establishing the National Unity in 1990.

The 14 October Revolution came as part of the Arab tide of struggle to liberate lands from foreign occupations. Such events helped enhance national action to attain liberty, independence and unity.

Through this revolution, Yemenis put a stop to the foreign occupation that attempted to divide the country into smaller states. The event freed the country from the British occupiers, who had created conflict between natives by encouraging the spread of political and ethnic entities.