Yemen never learnt its lesson [Archives:2003/632/Letters to the Editor]

April 21 2003

F. Samawi
[email protected]

I can not believe that Yemen has not learnt its lesson. We stood by Saddam during Gulf War I and paid a dear price. Yes we did, and we had all our workers in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia kicked out. Now they are jobless and the country is suffering.
Wake up! America came and liberated Iraq and you are whining because the Iraqi people don't have electricity, (as if all of Yemen is enjoying uninterrupted electricity day and night.) This is war. There are bound to be victims. Look at the number of victims it took to “liberate” Yemen in 1962. I know it was more than what Iraq suffered, because America had no intention of hurting civilians, whenever it was avoidable. Sana'a was under siege for 70 days. People had to burn the wood of their windows to have fire to cook with. That is the price of freedom.
The difference is; this time the Iraqi people were aided by an outside nation. So, they got help from the most powerful and generous nation on earth, the US I can say this to all Yemenis. You are, also, a good and generous nation. Your intentions are good at heart. But, realize who your friends are. Align yourselves with your brothers in Iraq, not with their rulers. Align yourselves with your neighbors, where it is morally and economically beneficial. Right is right, the U.S. is not always wrong because the majority is not Muslim. Do not take a stance against the U.S, whom you made a tradition to disagree with.