Yemen on the ‘Fast Track Initiative’ [Archives:2003/643/Local News]

June 19 2003

Yemen's proposal to participate in the Education For All Fast Track Initiative (EFA-FTA) was endorsed by the international donor community recently. This will help securing more funds for implementing education plans.
In order to provide opportunities to Yemen, local authorities and donors will work together to address issues concerning the funding and the implementation of the EFA-FTI and to enhance coordination mechanisms amongst donors to facilitate efficient support for the execution of the FTI activities. The World Bank had already hosted the government and donors meetings in Washington in May 2003.
Dr. Abdullatif Almaneefi, Director of the Basic Education Expansion Project told Yemen Times that the meetings were fruitful and were conducted with a true spirit of partnership. He pointed out that the donor community as well as EFA Secretariat recognized that Yemen is among the pioneer participants in the FTI. He said donors believe that the implementation of the FTI plans will serve as a model for other countries. He added that the strong commitment of the government and its long term Basic Education Development Strategy is very encouraging for donors and they will use the strategy as a basis for their support to the education sector. Both parties confirmed their commitment to make the implementation of FTI successful and to work towards a common framework to guide the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of FTI Plans.
Dr. Almaneefi added that strong indications of additional donor support were received from the USA through (USAID), the UK through (DfID), and Canada, though (CIDA).