Yemen-Pakistan relations [Archives:2006/1006/Opinion]

December 11 2006

Sameer Abdul Haq
Relations between Yemen and Pakistan has its roots since the Islamic period and the relationship have expanded and grown within time so they have their deepened roots in the memory of both nations. It is note worthy that Mohammed Bin Al-Qassim has his favor in reaching Islamic doctrine to this great nation which strongly adhered and defended Islamic doctrine all throughout history. It also has the honor to affiliate to Islamic nation of which it is undergoing some difficulties and complications.

Yemen-Pakistan relations witnessed some great bilateral conventions and agreements which covered trade, literary, cultural, economic fields and it flourished throughout the years. In this regard, Yemen is expecting more to come on the way particularly with the current visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Shawket Aziz meeting the Yemeni Prime Minister Abdul Kader Bajammal under blessings and support of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Both countries aim to strengthening and consolidating the bilateral relations in all fields that serve both countries.

Yemen welcomes the visit of the Pakistani premier and sees it is an opportunity towards opening the doors for benefits from high-tech programs which could cover various areas of education and small industries and our country needs these improvements for industrial establishments.

The investment law in Yemen provides opportunities for the Pakistani businessmen to invest in various fields such as gas, oil, tourism, fisheries and other areas of interest to Pakistani investors.

It is to note that the Pakistan School, based in Sana'a, has its educational and cultural role working with the Cambridge syllabus of which all such efforts enable our students to get a quality education in order to qualify them to join faculties and universities abroad or even in Pakistan.

All in all, the visit is part of keeping the strength in these already good relations on all levels. Meanwhile, the visit represents establishing peace and stabilization in the region and the world.

Sameer Abdul Haq ([email protected])

is a senior specialist in the Premier Office.