Yemen takes nuclear waste precautions [Archives:2005/809/Local News]

January 20 2005

According to 26 September newspaper, Yemen has started implementing precautionary measures following the discovery of nuclear waste and highly toxic material off the shores of Somalia.

The paper revealed that a group of UN experts arrived at the site and tested the waste, which is believed to be highly dangerous. It is feared that the material might have been dumped by ships coming from industrial countries into the Indian Ocean and the tsunami waves might have brought them to Somali beaches.

“They said tidal waves might have carried the waste to Somalia's shores, prompting the Yemeni authorities to take the necessary measures to prevent the waste from coming to its own shores.” the pro-government newspaper said.

Opposition newspapers have slammed industrial countries saying that some of them are attempting to dump their nuclear waste through foreign vessels off Yemen's shores in the Red Sea.