Yemen Times and beloved cameleers [Archives:2005/863/Letters to the Editor]

July 28 2005

By Mohammad N. Al-Hakimi
[email protected]

It is quite unspeakable to be away from Yemen Times. Being, even for a mo, not deeply overwhelmed with it's ecstasy of affection, you get withdrawn into anxiety and depression. In fact, I do not only boast the paper and staff here , but the lovely world of YT readers , in particular, as well.

Yemen Times is but a motherland by itself. As a matter of fact, it is a good-natured heart and mind that is abundant enough to keep and embrace all of our adoring songs! Further, it undertakes our whining injuries and horrible compunctions.

As to me personally, a decade of time might be enough to stand witness to my loyalty and passions towards her. Over a period of time, I have dappled Yemen's aspirations and compunctions on her wings. Throughout those impressive years, I have been terribly interested in indulging into topics pertaining to society , folklore literature and relevant ones, dealt comprehensively or in part. I boast being back to my glorious destiny-to your anxious world that I believe you are still pulsating eagerly in it, aspiring of even more better life.

For Yemen' sake , let's maintain and be together! let's have fruitful enterprises out of our soaring goals in writings and acquaintance too! let's stand up afresh!

And we should not lose sight of the fact that once we have intellectual and serious high brow people like Nadia- our YT editor- in -chief, we will certainly secure success. To put it another way, once they have been our cameleers , we will hopefully delve deep and wide into the many-faceted distance.