Yemen, where foreigners feel at home [Archives:2004/802/Letters to the Editor]

December 27 2004

Mohammed Zafar
[email protected]

I came to Yemen about a month ago from India to take the job of Marketing manager for a company called Mega Products Ltd. This company operates from Thailand & Australia and deals in Pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.

One thing, which I liked the most about this country, is its people and their helping hand. Even though I am foreigner, but I never felt like one. I go to any shopping mall and ask for anything, people are there to help. Just the other day I was in one of the malls enquiring about the price of a cosmetic brand, even though the employee doesn't know English, still he came forward for help & with the help of calculator and displayed the price. Then came another person who offered his help for translating for me in Arabic. Although I don't know these people but their helping attitude definitely shows how good they are.

In India I used to give lectures on marketing and training and used to write articles in newspaper. Kindly advise how can i do the same thing here in Yemen.