Yemeni-American Survived a Hand Grenade [Archives:1999/30/Local News]

July 26 1999

In a Baadan village, Ibb governorate, last week, six Yemenis with US. Citizenship, were the victims of a hand grenade attack while chewing qat. The assailant, A’adel Al-Bada’ani has already admitted that he had been pushed to commit this act by people, who he has identified to the security police department. Security police are still on the hunt after the accomplices. 
Fadhal Al-Dailamy, an injured victim in the incident, is now under intensive treatment in Azal Hospital in Sanaa. In a phone call to the Yemen Times, Dailamy stated his disappointment at the the indifference of the U.S. Embassy, which has yet to even send someone to see him.