Yemeni artists makes landmark in Dubai [Archives:2004/733/Reportage]

April 29 2004

By Sumaya Raja'
[email protected]

Well-known Yemeni artist, Suad Raja, the jewelry designer behind the Sheba brand, has worked to redefine traditional designs to give them a more contemporary spirit, thereby capturing a sense of continuity between traditional and modern jewelry design.
She is participating in the inauguration of the first Scarabee store in Dubai, at Wafi City Mall on April 15, 2004. Scarabee is a store with a comprehensive range of hand-crafted silver ornaments, featuring a subtle blend of Oriental and Western designs, hand-made modern and ethnic silver jewelary and handmade ceramic items and glass.
The 70 sq. meter store offers shoppers a chance to purchase high quality gifts in creative and eclectic designs. There is something in the shop for every taste and prices to suit every budget.
It is almost natural that Scarabee, named after Egypt's holy beetle, should be based at the Egyptian-themed Wafi City Mall. The items available at Scarabee are sourced and procured keeping in mind quality and uniqueness.
“Many of our collections and gifts are only available exclusively through us, in the UAE. We work with some of the most famous silversmiths, including SAAD of Egypt, who sells to the most prestigious shops worldwide”, said Colette Makar, owner of Scarabee.
I. A. Ibrahim, known as Esaad of Egypt handcrafts, moulds his own designs into silver masterpieces and is known for painstakingly restoring silver antiques. His reproductions are famed for their beauty and perfection and have gained him a reputation as a master silversmith throughout the world.
Carrs is the UK's leading silverware brand from Sheffield, a city whose silversmiths have honed their skills and techniques to produce some of the world's finest silverware over three hundred years. Carrs Silverware's products are sold at some of the world's most prestigious stores, including Harrods, London, and in over sixty countries worldwide.
The pieces made by Suad are designed individually and are not reproduced. The stones used include Egyptian coral, lapis lazuli, malachite and turquoise. The unique hand-crafted silver jewelry juxtaposes baroque and rough stones with fine gems to create a bold statement in design and colour. Inspired by her roots in Yemen, Suad Raja designs necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and brooches. Suad Raja, a key supplier to Scarabee, also attended the official opening.
Shwar is the brand under which Naglaa Ezzat designs and sells her jewelry exclusively at Scarabee. Holding a baccalaureate in art, Naglaa Ezzat1s jewelry is inspired by old oriental jewelry and she works with silver, semi precious stones and a combination of silver and gold. She is well-known for the Arabic calligraphy on her pieces, which is both intricate and unique.
Scarabee also offers exclusive jewelry lines including those from well-known Polish designer, Arkada, who specializes in attractive and modern jewelry made of Baltic amber and silver.
Pelletier, an artist based in the south of France, is the only person to master the technique of a finishing coat of gold and platinum. His ceramic work ranges from mirrors to ashtrays, decorative serving dishes and from bowls to vases. No two objects of Pelletier are ever the same. They are only available at Scarabee.
In collaboration with the South Carolina State Museum, the David Howell collection consists of museum frames in sterling silver or plated silver with designs inspired by works of art. Each frame has a small write-up to describe the inspiration from which it was created.
Scarabee also houses, exclusively for Cristal de Paris, handmade vases, bowls and ashtrays in various colours, and sought-after mouth-blown perfume bottles in the shape of daggers, coffee pots, and camels.